The Purjes Foundation

Journal of Disease Reversal & Prevention

The Purjes Foundation and the Plantrician Project are working in partnership to launch the only medical journal dedicated to disease reversal. This peer-reviewed, scientific journal publishes articles on the ability of plant-based, whole foods nutrition to prevent and actually reverse chronic disease. It is called the International Journal of Disease Reversal & Prevention (the “Journal”). Click here to go to the Journal's website.

The Plantrician Project is a non-profit organization with 30,000 physicians and healthcare professionals with a strong interest in plant-based nutrition. The Plantrician Project provides them with education and materials they can disseminate to their patients about the healthful benefits of plant-based nutrition.

The Journal is the first and only, peer-reviewed medical publication devoted to disease reversal. It is intended to become the world’s central repository of peer-reviewed, scientific research on plant-based nutrition. It aims to become the “go to” Journal for the reversal and prevention of all chronic diseases, including, but not limited to, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, asthma, Crohn’s, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, gout, vertigo, intestinal bowel disease, GERD, and many other diseases. It contains research articles of scientific studies, as well as individual case studies of patients who have reversed their disease. There is also a section devoted to patients who tell their stories of disease reversal in their own words.

The Journal is unique in many important ways. Not only does it focus on disease reversal, but there is also a companion publication called Disease Reversal Digest (the “Digest”). The Digest contains the research published in the Journal, but in layman’s language for the general public and media. See the section “Disease Reversal Digest”.

Some of the leading physician’s in the country have joined the Journal’s editorial staff. They include a former Surgeon-General of the United States, the President of the American College of Cardiology, the President of the Angiogenesis Foundation, the head of cardiovascular research at one of the world’s top hospitals, most leading plant-based physicians, and many other distinguished physicians, researchers and leaders.

The medical world rarely, if ever, speaks of disease reversal. There is talk of remission and sometimes prevention, but never reversal. Disease reversal means that the symptoms of the disease disappear and so do its blood markers. Often, no medications or procedures are needed anymore to treat the disease. This almost never happens in conventional medicine, which relies heavily on drugs with adverse side effects that must often be taken for life.

There are thousands of medical journals published throughout the world and tens of thousands of articles published each year. Much of this research involves pharmaceutical drugs and medical procedures that may slow the progress of disease or put it into remission, but almost none involve disease reversal.

However, there have been several scientific studies and numerous cases of disease reversal through lifestyle modification. There are more and more such studies being done and reported. However, to date, these have been published in scattered medical journals of low impact, and they have not gotten the attention they deserve.

Hence, the need for the peer-reviewed Journal of Disease Reversal & Prevention, as the central repository for this critical research.