The Purjes Foundation

Dan Purjes

Growing up in New York, the son of a taxi driver and a homemaker, Dan Purjes earned Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in computer science, and completed all course-work for a Ph.D. He established, built and sold a software development firm, and also managed software development for a number of large companies.

Dan has built several businesses from start-up to profitable revenues of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, before selling them to larger corporations. Dan bought ownership of a tiny NYSE member securities firm, and grew that firm 50-fold before selling it to one of the largest banks in the country. He went on to grow other successful businesses, from digital printing to software to solar energy.

Today, Dan devotes much of his time to The Purjes Foundation, the non-profit charity founded and funded by him and his wife. He not only provides funds for worthwhile causes, particularly those involving health, but he takes an active role in those causes. Dan has served on the boards of numerous national and local charities such as the American Tinnitus Association, the Abraham Fund, the Plantrician Project, Plant-based Utah, and others.

Dan is the father of an adult son and daughter, and the step-father of an adult daughter. He is an avid skier, hiker, snowshoer, and bicyclist. He is an amateur astronomer, likes to ride his original 1970 Triumph Bonneville motorcycle, and greatly enjoys reading, concerts, operas, museums and scientific presentations. He is intensely interested in all religions, and is a student of Zen.

Edna Purjes

Edna (“Ed”) Purjes graduated Carnegie Mellon University where she majored in design and business. Ed launched her own wallcovering business, growing it into a leading manufacturer in the industry. Her company is known for its innovative and trendsetting products. Ed was the first woman to serve on the Board of Directors of the Wallcovering Association and the first and only female President of this industry trade association. She successfully grew the membership to over 500 companies serving both residential and commercial wallcovering sectors.

Ed co-manages The Purjes Foundation with her husband, Dan. She is the mother of one adult daughter and step-mother to an adult son and daughter. Ed actively enjoys swimming, hiking and snowshoeing, and is daily in the gym or Pilates studio. She is a voracious reader, frequent attendee of museums, concerts, operas, and ballets, and loves to cook.